Digital marketing relevance in Zimbabwe

The explosion of digital marketing is no longer a relatively new revolution. Today, the internet is creating enough opportunities, and everyone knows that it has changed how businesses operate, governments function, and consumers behave. With the advent and power of the internet- a tool that now connects people to vast amounts of information and to one another- it has allowed the formation of virtual communities that empower people in their decision making. Continue reading “Digital marketing relevance in Zimbabwe”

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12 Signs Of ‘Me Too’ Business Websites

‘Me too’ websites? Yes, the pressure to become modern pushes some people to create websites for their businesses. Imagine a situation where 60% or more of your customers are convinced by your website to work with you! ‘Me too’ websites are the reason why people don’t experience these possibilities.

‘Me too’ websites are those created because everyone else seems to have one. These are websites created without a clear measurable business objective.

A website is a business tool that has the capacity to either contribute to any business. In some cases, websites become the centrepiece of the business. When done right websites can become so essential to the business such that they make it into the monthly reports generated by CEOs for their board of directors. Continue reading “12 Signs Of ‘Me Too’ Business Websites”

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E-mail Marketing for business growth

Email Marketing: Essential Skills for Digital Marketers.

There are many channels and tools that are available to digital marketers and more are released regularly like the Facebook messenger chatbots.  Email marketing has been around for a long time and it still remains the most effective channel for sales conversion, engagement and building relationships with existing clients and followers. The following stats support that fact.

email marketing stats
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Continue reading “E-mail Marketing for business growth”

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Why Digital Skills are key to successful entrepreneurship


Digital skills are any skills that give you the ability to find, evaluate, utilize, share, and create content using information technologies and the Internet. The internet has affected all aspects our lives and entrepreneurship has not been spared. Digital technology connects people and machines with one another to deliver an experience which was far beyond our reach decades ago. So how can digital skills lead to successful entrepreneurship? Continue reading “Why Digital Skills are key to successful entrepreneurship”

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Why having Website Management skills is important for Marketers

The website is the only digital channel of interacting with customers that a marketer has 100% control over. When built well, the website is the place where the real business occurs. Real business is the conversion of visitors to clients.

As a marketer or entrepreneur, it is very important that you learn to manage websites Continue reading “Why having Website Management skills is important for Marketers”

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Tips for determining content for a Business Website

In my nine years of experience working with clients, I have noticed that there is a huge struggle for many to determine what content should be on the website. An estimated 90% of business websites in Africa are not contributing to the business’ bottom line.

What should customers do?

Websites must make the customers take an action towards becoming a customer. An effective website must have content that helps visitors to take the desired action.

The desired action could be any of these and more:

1. Start using the service online.

Continue reading “Tips for determining content for a Business Website”

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Africa is Dark Continent! Racism? No…it’s a fact and we can change it

Dark continent? That’s racism! Wait, let me explain. Can you see in the dark? No, I can’t! Well, you cannot see what is in Africa from outside. That’s I am saying it’s a dark continent because no one can easily find something in Africa especially on the internet. And this can be changed and that why I am writing about it. Continue reading “Africa is Dark Continent! Racism? No…it’s a fact and we can change it”

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Building a Strong LinkedIn Profile [Info-graphic]

Whether you want to network in your industry, get business leads or become an influencer in your area of speciality, creating a strong LinkedIn profile is a good way to get started. I have personally benefited from taking the time to attend my LinkedIn profile over the past four months. Continue reading “Building a Strong LinkedIn Profile [Info-graphic]”

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Why Everyone At Your Workplace Needs Google Digital Skills Training

Google Digital Skills Training is a program running in Zimbabwe since February 2017. It may sound like a low-value offer from Google or a campaign for pushing their products into the newly emerging African markets. Primarily Google is not pushing its products in Africa using the Digital Skills Training but they are promoting the use of the internet for the benefit of African young people. Continue reading “Why Everyone At Your Workplace Needs Google Digital Skills Training”

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