Pan-Degree In Practical Digital Marketing

The Pan-Degree in Practical Digital Marketing  (with online and in-person classes) course aims to provide marketers and business leaders with useful and relevant digital skills. The digital marketing skills gained by the participants of this course go beyond just being aware of digital marketing. Our goal to produce the best digital marketers on the continent with the ability to practically achieve business goals using digital marketing technology.

Course Starting Dates

Pan-Degree In Digital Marketing

 03 February 2020 – May 2020

 06 April  2020 – July 2020

08 June 2020 – September 2020 

10 August 2020 -November 2020


Other Events Dates


Digital Skills For Women (Harare) 28 Feb 2020 – View Details.



Great place to learn digital marketing in Harare. I enjoy the practicality and usefulness of their content for the African business environment. I recommend these courses and training camps, they are invaluable!

Hazel Chitare

Old Mutual Zimbabwe

Great courses on offer! The courses are practical and useful. As an experienced digital marketer myself, I took a lot of nuggets from the training I attended.

Tendai Chisvo

Food World