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8 Steps to Professional Digital Marketing – Video

Steps to Professional Digital Marketing


These 8 Steps to professional digital marketing, when taken with determination can effectively convert anyone into a recognisable professional marketer. Here are the steps.

  1. Choose the right digital marketing course

    One the biggest head start on the journey to professionalism is to get the right instructors on the onset. While many people pride themselves in having learnt things on their own, their journey was full of unnecessary pain. Since there are so many courses out there, which one shall one choose? We recommend that you choose a digital marketing course with the following features:

    The practical element of learning. Digital marketing is a practical subject. If you cannot apply what you’re learning, you are getting useless information.

    Experienced practising tutors. There is a difference between understanding something and doing it. Learn from people who have deep experience in implementing effective digital marketing campaigns.

    The wide spectrum of topics. Digital marketing is a wide subject with more than ten sub-topics for possible specialisation. It is important to have a solid understanding and practical skills for all of them before specialising.

    It is with these in mind that the Pan Degree in Practical Digital Marketing was developed. This course is the perfect place to get started on your journey to professional digital marketing, especially in the African continent.

  2. Get classmates like yourself.

    Learning as a group is not only fun but puts you in the network you will soon need. A strong network guarantees a fair share of opportunities in the future. Even if you are strong on learning on your own, this may be the main reason to join some training class – networking. Very talented people slow down their careers by lacking the right network.

  3. Find a digital marketing internship.

    Applying what you’re learning in a real-world situation then observe the results is the best way to get experience. Internships expose you to great minds early. You will see the behind the scenes realities. Even if you have to volunteer to get an internship, it’s worth it.

  4. Choose to specialise.

    As you progress on the road to professionalism in digital marketing, choose on what to specialise. The best digital marketers can implement the whole digital marketing averagely while excellent in one of the sub-topics. Specialising is what makes you known and it makes you special. Those who specialise too early risk having blinded views. For example, those who specialised in Social Media too early usually do not understand the role of websites and search engines in digital marketing.

  5. Find people and brands to learn from continuously.

    Digital marketing is ever-evolving. When you choose people and companies to learn from continuously you save yourself from becoming obsolete.

  6. Network with professional.

    Networking is great for availing opportunities and getting recommendations. When you are recommended by a professional you get high-value projects or job opportunities. At Afrodigital, business often asks for us to recommend whom they can employ.

  7. Start your own website.

    Having challenges pushes people to find working solutions. When you start your website there are so many challenges you will be forced to overcome. For example, driving traffic to your website, doing SEO and creating an effective call to action button.

  8. Share your knowledge.

    Sharing your knowledge creates a network around your profession very fast! All the people you teach maybe your door to so many places you never thought of as a digital marketer.


Get started your journey to professional digital marketing by taking this online digital marketing course. Also, check this digital marketing course guide for Zimbabwe.

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