What is Afrodigital Pan-University?

Afrodigital Pan-University is a digital learning platform where practical professional courses are taught. The idea came into life after observing the gap between the industry and what is taught in the tertiary institutions. The big corporates have structures to train their future leaders to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to keep their business going. Unfortunately, smaller companies and entrepreneurs employ raw graduates who usually lack the practical skills needed to get things done in the real world.

The pan-degrees (the name given to the practical professional certification awarded by Afrodigital Pan-University) are designed to give students the skills they need to be able to become effective in specific roles. The pan-degree are designed and taught by experienced professionals who are both experienced and knowledgeable about what is required in the industry for higher performance.

We have a dream of becoming the largest digital learning institution in Africa offering the young people standard sets of skill that not only make them employable but also able to run their business effectively.

How We Started

Our founder Trust Nhokovedzo went around Zimbabwe in 2017 conducting training under the Google Digital Skill Training program. This experience gave him an opportunity to see the state of digital marketing practically in Zimbabwe. When then shared his experience with other Google trainers from across the continent – it was clear that the challenges were the same.

After conducting the Google Digital Skills training, most of the students would ask ‘so where can we learnt this further?’. To this question, there wasn’t a good answer except to refer to the internet resources most of which are not Africanized.

This led to the formation of Afrodigital Skills Training as a business in 2017.

When we approached the local educational authorities to get our courses accredited, we hit many brick walls and setbacks. After trying for two years, we decided to get international accreditation and introducing our own qualifications called pan-degrees.

What Makes Afrodigital Special?

  • Learn from experienced professionals. The instructors in all our online courses, in-person events and corporate training sessions are very experienced professionals in their field. Our mission is to get many people to learn the practical skills they need to excel in any field we are covering. This means you are guaranteed to have high-quality content and very rich content in all our courses.
  • Understanding of adult education. Our courses are designed in line with adult education principles. They are built around practical skills that the learners want to have. They only theory that is necessary for participants to excel in their trade. This makes it very different from purely academic qualifications which are knowledge-based. All our courses are designed for people who need skills and do not have time to learn unnecessary content.
  • We give back to the community. Not all our online courses and events are paid for! We have free events for people who need to have digital skills but may not afford to get them. For example, we have a free class on “How to use Google like a pro” and “Business Skills for Women Entrepreneurs”. We also participate in other conferences and events to give free lectures and presentations.
  • International Accreditation. Our online courses and events are accredited with CPD UK. The certificates from the CPD UK approved programs are recognised everywhere in the world. They also have continuous learning points.
  • Community and cross-pollination. We have students from all over Africa at different levels of life plus business. Joining our classes not only leaves you knowledgeable but also links you with the movers and shakers of the business and digital world in Africa. As you will be a great link to others so will they be to you!

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