Building a Strong LinkedIn Profile [Info-graphic]

Building a Strong LinkedIn Profile [Info-graphic]

Whether you want to network in your industry, get business leads or become an influencer in your area of speciality, creating a strong LinkedIn profile is a good way to get started. I have personally benefited from taking the time to attend my LinkedIn profile over the past four months.

From February to June 2017 my LinkedIn community grew from 200 to 4500 people. That was in four months! And trust me I have managed to network with some of the great business and influencers in my industry. For my career, LinkedIn has become my primary social platform for networking and catching up on what’s happening. Here is my LinkedIn profile, if you request a connection with me I will accept it.

I have added a fantastic infographic from Its the best resource I found that I could found to help you get started on building a strong LinkedIn profile.

I wish all the best as you move into action making your LinkedIn Profile better.

Trust Nhokovedzo is an international digital technology consultant and trainer. He is the founder of Afrodigital ( and a senior consultant at Calmlock Digital Marketing. Recently, he has been engaged by the Chinhoyi University of Technology to as a digital business consultant. He was engaged also by the Marketing Association of Zimbabwe as a Digital Marketing Trainer. Trust brings broad-based and valuable insights into digital business and digital strategy formulation gained from more than 11 years of extensive work experience advising clients and providing solutions.