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Professional Certificate in Practical Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization Certification
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Embark on a journey to get a Search Engine Optimization Certification with our professional SEO course. Develop valuable skills and knowledge in digital marketing through our comprehensive and professional search engine optimization course. Get hands-on training and learn how to effectively use SEO technology to achieve business goals. Enrol in our practical and industry-recognized program to join the top digital marketers. Start your SEO career today.

Professional Search Engine Optimization Certification

The Professional Certificate in Practical Search Engine Optimization course aims to provide developers, marketers and business leaders with practical and relevant SEO skills. Our goal is to produce the best SEOs on the continent, equipped with the ability to achieve business goals using digital marketing technology.

This professional search engine optimization certification is practical and was developed and maintained by industry experts. Possessing a Professional Certification makes individuals highly marketable and employable.

Professional SEO Course Details

  • 11 modules and 90 hours of video content.
  • In-person sessions are available upon booking.
  • Information-packed training covering basics to advanced SEO techniques.
  • Suitable for beginners to advanced-level digital marketers.
  • Course content is designed with consideration of current SEO technology and the job market.
  • Practical assignments at the end of each module.
  • Live project work and examples for a hands-on learning experience.

Course Prerequisites or Requirements

To enrol in this course, you need:

  • Access to a good working laptop or tablet. Most modules can be done on mobile phones, but a laptop or tablet is required for some modules.
  • Internet connection. Stable internet is necessary to complete the course and have the best experience.
  • Basic knowledge and experience using the internet. This course assumes you already have these skills.
  • Weekly time allocation of 5 to 8 hours.
  • No academic requirements to enrol, but some tertiary education prior to the course increases understanding and appreciation of the shared principles.

Hands-On Digital Marketing Project

The Professional Certificate in Practical Search Engine Optimization course requires every student to apply their learning to a real-world or imaginary business throughout the course. This provides practical insights that marketers and entrepreneurs can use daily. The project assignment constitutes 40% of the final grade.

Get Search Engine Optimization Certification

The Professional Certificate in Practical Search Engine Optimization is accredited by CPD UK,  and Afrodigital Pan University making it the most powerful digital marketing certification on the continent. It offers both a strong African and international certification upon completion.

Course Accreditation

Afrodigital Pan University is a rising African digital marketing institute with courses accredited by CPD UK. Our institute hires professional and experienced experts as lecturers, tutors, and trainers, ensuring that our students gain qualifications and skills that are in demand by the industry. Our courses are designed by leading professionals in the digital marketing domain.

SEO Practical Training

In addition to the standard course modules, we offer the flexibility to customize the modules to provide SEO practical training for groups or marketing teams who may have limited time and budgets. This tailored approach allows organizations to focus on specific areas of SEO practical training that are most relevant to their needs. Contact us to explore the possibilities and arrange custom SEO practical training that meets your team’s unique needs. This allows people with basic SEO training like the Google Search Engine Optimization Certification to become very competent and employable.

The course modules

  1. Introduction to Search Engine Optimization: This module is important for professional SEOs because it helps them understand the foundation and principles of SEO, which is necessary for developing effective strategies and achieving long-term success in the industry.
  2. Keyword Research and Analysis: Keyword research and analysis is important for professional SEOs because it help them identify the keywords and phrases that their target audience is using to search for information and products online, providing insights that are essential in formulating successful SEO campaigns.
  3. On-page Optimization: On-page optimization is a critical module for professional SEOs because it deals with the key factors that search engines use to evaluate website relevance, quality, and user experience, ensuring that the website is well-optimized for targeted keywords and structured appropriately for maximum impact.
  4. Technical SEO: Technical SEO is an essential module for professional SEOs because it focuses on the technical aspects of a website that search engines take into account when evaluating a website’s performance and relevance to user queries. It covers many factors such as page speed, crawling, indexing, and more.
  5. Off-page Optimization: Off-page optimization is vital for professional SEOs, as it deals with increasing a website’s online reputation and authority through tactics like acquiring high-quality backlinks, social media signals, and other metrics that signal to search engines that the site is valuable and trustworthy.
  6. Local SEO: Local SEO is important for professional SEOs because it enables businesses to attract customers in specific geographic areas by optimizing websites, listings, and relevant content around the location of their targeted audience.
  7. Mobile SEO: As mobile search continues to grow, mobile SEO has become an essential module for professional SEOs who want to ensure their website provides a great user experience for mobile users, as well as capitalize on the growing trend of mobile search.
  8. SEO Analytics and Reporting: The module on SEO analytics and reporting is vital for professional SEOs who want to track the performance of their SEO campaigns, measure return on investment, and optimize their campaigns for maximum business growth impact.
  9. Advanced SEO Techniques: Advanced SEO Techniques are a crucial module for professional SEOs who want to stay ahead of the competition. It covers next-level strategies for improving website visibility, such as implementing schema markup, voice search optimization, and other advanced tactics to take their SEO campaigns to the next level.
  10. SEO Audit and Penalty Recovery: The module on SEO Audit and Penalty Recovery is essential for professional SEOs to identify and address issues that threaten their website’s rankings and optimize them for better performance, as well as to recover from Google penalties that can significantly reduce search visibility.
  11. Future of SEO: The module on the future of SEO is important for professional SEOs as it provides insights into emerging trends, new technology, and changing customer behaviour, helping them stay ahead of the curve and position themselves as SEO experts in the ever-evolving search landscape.

SEO Tools Used in this Course

The following software tools are used in this course:

  1. Google Keyword Planner.
  2. Semrush
  3. Moz Pro
  4. Ahrefs
  5. Google Analytics
  6. Google Search Console
  7. Screaming Frog
  8. Yoast SEO
  9. Majestic
  10. BuzzSumo
  11. Google My Business
  12. SERPstat
  13. Google Trends
  14. Copyscape
  15. Pingdom
  16. Siteliner
  17. W3C Markup Validation Service
  18. Google PageSpeed Insights
  19. BuzzStream




What’s is a pan degree?

The Pan-Degree is a qualification developed by Afrodigital Pan-University. The Pan-degrees are practical professional qualifications which are awarded to individuals who have proven practical experience and expertise in the chosen fields. The Pan-degrees are developed and maintained by industry experts.

Who accredits Pan Afrodigital courses?

Pan Afrodigital is an up-and-coming African institute that offers skills-based courses accredited by the CPD UK and local universities. The institute is unique in that it hires professional and experienced instructors, so students can rest assured they are receiving a top-notch education. The courses are also designed by domain leaders in respective areas, so students can graduate with the confidence that they have the skills and qualifications the industry demands.

Has anyone benefitted from these courses?

The students who have taken the Pan Afrodigital course have benefited greatly. They have found jobs, been promoted, became confident to grow their own businesses and more. You can read real student testimonials here.

How does Afrodigital choose facilitators?

We at Pan Afrodigital carefully select facilitators who have professional experience and expertise to impart skills to students. We do not work with theoretical people but rather, those born of practical experience in the industry.

Which platform are online courses on?

Our online classes offer a flexible learning experience, allowing students to watch pre-recorded lectures or read text-based materials at their own pace. This combination of video and text helps students learn in the way that best suits their needs and preferences.

“Afrodigital offers practical and relevant modules that are imperative for those starting in Digital Marketing and even for those who are already in this dynamic field. I highly recommend these engaging, well-structured and informative courses. 5 stars for providing solid online modules during this Covid-19 pandemic.”

Gamuchirai Maposah – Steward Bank Digital Marketing Manager

“I was one of the first people to take this course and I can honestly say it’s absolutely worth it! I have used everything I learnt from here in my career, and the added knowledge has been advantageous during job hunts. The course is highly practical and adapts digital marketing principles for the African context, which you won’t find easily with other similar offerings.”

Tapiwanashe Manhombo – Digital Storyteller

Read more testimonies.

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