The definitive guide to learning digital marketing for a great career, business and personal brand development.]

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Course Guide

There are so many options one can choose from when it comes to digital marketing courses. One needs to answer this question: Which course will work for me? While there is no size fit all in terms of courses, there are some guidelines that can make choosing easier. The first thing to consider is the content of the course.

What does the digital marketing course cover?

Digital marketing (online marketing) has many subjects. To become a digital marketing master a student must learn at least the following marketing techniques:

  • Social Media Marketing. This has to do with practising digital marketing principles on popular social networks. There is Social Media Management and Ads. The most popular social media platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and many more.
  • Search Engines. Google, Bing and are example search engines. Marketers strive to be seen and generate value from potential customer search. There Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Ads.
  • Websites optimization. These are the core of digital marketing. Expert digital marketers know that a bad website won’t take the business anywhere digitally.
  • Marketing automation. This the use of different communication technology to communicate and respond usefully to client actions for maximised conversion and customer retention. Email marketing is closely related to marketing automation.
  • Digital marketing strategy. Getting into action without a clear plan for success leads to frustration. Strategy and planning are critical in effective digital.
  • Content marketing. A good digital marketing course should leave the student with a clear understanding of what and why content marketing is important. There are key elements like keyword research and content assessment which are also essential skills a student must learn. Content includes blog posts, videos, infographics and any other information that can be used for marketing effectively.

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What is digital marketing course all about?

Digital marketing courses come in many formats. The first difference is the delivery method. There are physical in-person classes (usually conferences or training in style) and online on-demand classes.

Digital marketing courses also differ in the goal or focus. Firstly, there are digital marketing awareness courses. Such courses aim to give the student an overview of what digital marketing is about. Such courses are necessary for a good prelude to taking a major course.

Secondly, there are digital marketing special skills courses. These courses aim to give the student a specific skill e.g. Social Media management, SEO or data analytics. Sometimes its for specific platforms like Facebook Ads Management.

The Pan-degree in digital marketing gives students a strong base of theory while equipping them with practical workplace skills. The graduates are ready for work and have a solid understanding of every aspect of digital marketing.

The pan-degree will give you a deep and wide exposure in digital marketing. The course is accredited by Chinhoyi University and CPD UK.

Why Pan-degree in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a practical subject. Employers need someone who can do what they learnt. Theoretic people can’t thrive in a digital marketing career.

Specialising too early can become a mistake if it happens at the cost of understanding digital marketing in general. A professional digital marketer has full range knowledge on how each digital marketing topic works. Becoming a topical expert comes by experience.

The pan-degree has fourteen practical modules. The modules give the student a chance to do everything from websites, campaign planning, social media and strategy development. See more details about the Pan-degree in Digital Marketing here.

So in the quest to have wholistic digital marketers, the Pan-degree in Digital Marketing was developed.

How much is the Digital Marketing Course Fees

The pan-degree in digital marketing costs $40 USD per month for four months of learning. A discount price of $140 will be given to a student who pays it all once-off.

You can start your take samples classes for Pan-degree in Digital marketing now.