Afrodigital Pan-University presents

Digital Skills for Women in Business

Doing business in a digital world is much harder for those who are not digitally equiped. To get you started and move to perfection, Afrodigital is inviting all women in business for a one-day workshop on digital skills. You need this!

Brand Visibility

Tips on making your business and personal brands visible on Google and social media platforms. Visibility is key for digital success.

Digital Marketing Tools

The quality of the tools used determine how easily something will be done. Achieve more by using better tools.

Basic Graphic Design

Learn basic graphics design to get put your digital marketing act together. Make fliers, presentations, and all on your own!

Entrepreneurship Tips

How can someone take advantage of the digital platform to launch their dream business? Get tips from someone who has done it.

Accounting Tools

Make quotations, invoices and receipts on the go. Have your clients automatically followed up by this cool free tool.

Loads of discounts

Get discounts on digital marketing certification, website design, social media marketing and many more. A little saving goes a long way.

All that for only ZWL $50 per for your chair and water!

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You need this for a better 2020. A little action can bring the biggest difference you need. Sign-up now, learn from experts, interact with value adding women and thrive. Its your turn.