Why Everyone At Your Workplace Needs Google Digital Skills Training

Why Everyone At Your Workplace Needs Google Digital Skills Training

Google Digital Skills Training is a program running in Zimbabwe since February 2017. It may sound like a low-value offer from Google or a campaign for pushing their products into the newly emerging African markets. Primarily Google is not pushing its products in Africa using the Digital Skills Training but they are promoting the use of the internet for the benefit of African young people.

As a business, there are very lessons that you will learn by participating in this program. I have here reasons why you need to include everyone you work with in the training program.

Who should participate?

This is a good question to actually! Sometimes as a business leader, you may feel like investing into people who can immediate convert the knowledge and skills into value for the business. One of the good things about this Google Digital Skills Training Program is that it has no academic prerequisites. This opens the door to all the people who work with you at any level to participate.

In certain circumstances, it is not possible to get everyone trained due to timetables and different roles. However, it is very important to get as many people as possible in your business to have this kind of training. Here is why:

Why everyone needs the Google Digital Skills Training

1. Google Digital Skills training helps trainees to build a good online personal profile

If you are running an SME or you are a freelancer, chances are that you deal with clients who never heard of your brand name before. When potential customers look for your employees online, their profiles affect the brand image and position in the eyes of the potential client. Accounting firms, for example, get projects based on the profiles of the staff that the company has.

When all the employees in the company present themselves as professionals online, the brand image is lifted in the client’s eyes. Sometimes, especially when it comes to external investments, the profiles of the employees are the only chance an external investor has to see the quality of people at the company.

Therefore, the advantage of having everyone in the company exposed to this training is that the whole organizations will have a very good professional representation digitally.

2. The more people who are digitally active in your company the more digital evangelists the business has.

In this era, there its obvious that there is going to talk about your business on social media or blogs. This talk may be good or bad. In both cases, you will need your employees to participate in these discussions. They are likely to be the most informed group of people about your products and business anyway. Hopefully, they will participate in favor of the business.

When you do not have a big number of employees who are digitally inactive, the huge talk against your brand or product will go on and on without any contrary opinions in it. Your employees are better positioned to speak in your favor in any situation.

The Google Digital Skills Training will help you by sensitizing your employees to be active digitally. This will cause them to participate in the conversations around your brand in case they meet some. In the digital world, the image of any brand is a product of the collaboration of many people. When you employees collaborate in your favor digitally, even by sharing your blog posts, tweets and other posts, it makes your message more people naturally.

Get the whole team trained; generate some evangelists for your products, brand, and business. With training, they will know what to do or at least alert the right people when they discover something.

Get Google Digital Skills Training - For Free

You can learn practical ways of going over these challenges faced by entrepreneurs in this very insightful training.

Takeaways include:

  • Marketing successfully in the Digital World
  • How to be digitally visible as a professional or business
  • How to drive traffic to your website blog
  • The anatomy of goal getting websites
  • So much more
3. The future is unknown, this training may uncover hidden interests and talents in your employees

Due to different life circumstances, people take some jobs for survival and not out of personal interest. You may find out through the training that there is a great digital marketer in the security person at the office door. Exposing people who may look irrelevant to the whole subject may be the best thing you will ever do for your business.

Some of the best digital marketers in the world are self-taught. The passion and the drive help them get to the top of the game. When your expose everyone in the organization this kind of training, your would have increased the chances of uncovering the hidden germs in your company.

4.   Add value into the future of your internal customers

Your employees are your first customers. When you add value to them, they will be compelled to give back more and be fair with you.

This free training is something you can take advantage of and add some value into all of them.

5. Be a good boss by offering everyone equal opportunities

Giving free opportunities to everyone makes the leader a good person. It’s important for a business for the employees to be convinced that they are being led by a good person. This may sound shallow but did you know that many employees do not give their suggestions at meetings because they do not really want to help.

Being a good boss makes the employees contribute better for everyone’s good. Trust me, they will love this training. We did this training at one organization, the most participating person the meeting was an older receptionist. Do not rule anyone out; give him or her a chance.


So all this was to say that help everyone at your workplace as much as possible to be trained with Google Digital Skills Training. Everyone would benefit and it will definitely give birth to new thinking on your team.

Do you have any questions or concerns? Let’s discuss them in the comments section below.

Trust Nhokovedzo is an international digital technology consultant and trainer. He is the founder of Afrodigital (afrodigital.org) and a senior consultant at Calmlock Digital Marketing. Recently, he has been engaged by the Chinhoyi University of Technology to as a digital business consultant. He was engaged also by the Marketing Association of Zimbabwe as a Digital Marketing Trainer. Trust brings broad-based and valuable insights into digital business and digital strategy formulation gained from more than 11 years of extensive work experience advising clients and providing solutions.