Certified Digital Selling Specialist Course

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6 October, 2021
10 Weeks


Trust Nhokovedzo
Trust Nhokovedzo
Senior Lecturer


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Sharpen your digital selling skills with this practical program. You’ll learn the art of prospecting for clients, holding successful meetings and closing deals online.

We will show you how to find, target, attract and engage prospects and building deeper post-sales relationships using a range of new digital tactics and tools.

The Course Modules

1. Sales vs Marketing

a. The important differences
b. Lead generation
c. Digital Marketing Framework
d. Joint sales and marketing roles

2. Fundamentals of Selling

a. Qualifying sales leads
b. Sales funnels
c. Lead Management
d. Building relationships

3. Virtually Selling Fundamentals

a. Virtual selling imperatives
b. Differences between in-person & virtual selling
c. Consultative Selling: Seller’s Adaptations
d. Mastering the Mediums of Virtual Selling
e. Online Engagement
f. Mastering Online Meetings.

4. Virtual Selling Framework

a. Introducing the Virtual Sales Framework
b. Building Rapport Online
c. Uncovering Aspiration & Afflictions
d. Making the Impact & ROI
e. The Impact Model

5. The Pitch

a. The Convincing Story Framework
b. Presenting Sales Pitches

6. Closing Sales

a. Collaborating with buyers
b. How to scale up-selling
c. Habits of Successful Salesperson

Master the art of virtual selling. This is the skill that will separate good salespeople from great salespeople during and after the pandemic.

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