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7 June, 2022
16 Weeks


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Trust Nhokovedzo
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About this digital marketing course

Learn how to master practical digital marketing. This course includes 13 practical modules, each with a set of lessons, quizzes and practical assignments. All materials were created by practising digital marketing professionals. This is an online course with pre-recorded classes which can be taken anytime anywhere on our online learning platform. In some cities, we have physical support classes. In areas where these are not available students interact with their lecturers virtually.

Course Details

  • 13 Modules
  • 207 Videos
  • 30 Quizzes
  • 13 Hands-on Assignments
  • 1 Hands-on Project
  • 1 Online MCQ Exams


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Prerequisites or Requirements

The Pan Degree in Practical Digital Marketing requires the following:

  • Access to a good working laptop or tablet is a minimum. Most of the modules can be done on mobile phones but there are three modules which require a laptop or tablet for the best experience.
  • Internet connection. The Pan Degree in Practical Digital Marketing is an online course with physical classes as a support service in some cities. Without a stable internet connection, it will be hard not only to complete the course on time but also to have the best experience.
  • Basic knowledge and experience using the internet. This course will not teach the basics of using the internet for example creating emails and personal social media accounts. The course assumes you have these skills already.
  • Weekly time allocation of five to 8 hours per week. If your schedule does not allow this amount of time weekly, it is likely that you will not be able to finish the course within the four months of allocated time.
  • There are no academic requirements to enrol in this course. However, we have seen from experience that people who have some tertiary education prior to taking this course have higher chances of not only completing but also easily grasping the principles shared in the course. Since the course is practical, all the students graduate with very similar skills but differing levels of appreciation of the principles, theories and ideas shared in the course.


Hands-on Digital Marketing Project

The Pan Degree in Practical Digital Marketing course is most valuable in making it mandatory for every student to have a real-world or imaginary business where they will be applying all they are learning throughout the course. The student will answer all the assignment questions in the course in the context of their chosen business.

This provides high value to both marketers and entrepreneurs taking the course as they can use either their workplace or business as the project business. As they get feedback from the mentoring professionals, they will be getting practical insights they can practically use on a daily basis.

The project assignment constitutes 40% of the final grade for the pan degree in practical digital marketing.

Get a Digital Marketing Certification.

The Pan Degree in Practical Digital Marketing is accredited by CPD UK and comes with a Digital Marketing Certificate from Chinhoyi University of Technology (Zimbabwe). This makes this course the most powerful digital marketing certification on the continent. As it is the only course which gives both a strong African and Internation certification at completion.

Course Accreditation

 Afrodigital Pan University is one of the rising African digital marketing institutes. They have their courses accredited by CPD UK and the Chinhoyi University of Technology. This digital marketing institute prides itself on hiring professional and experienced experts as lecturers, tutors and trainers. Students graduating from Afrodigital Pan University do not need to worry about having qualifications or skills that the industry doesn’t need. The courses are designed by leading professionals in each domain including digital marketing.

Why get certified

90% of the people who are practising digital marketers are not certified. In a formal world, they cannot prove their knowledge. 95% of all certified digital marketing professionals are promoted in their workplaces within 6 months of becoming certified.

Afrodigital Pan University offers the Pan Degree in Practical Digital Marketing course to close the gap between the skills set of African digital marketing professionals to those in the first world countries. Our graduates have been adopted into reputable organisations as experts in digital marketing.

The Global Need for Professional Digital Marketers.

Marketers need to understand digital marketing not from a familiarisation standpoint but a practical effective engaged learning. As the global digital economy grows, the need for real digital marketing experts is skyrocketing.

This digital course is designed to be an entry point for anyone who wants to be a recognised professional digital marketer. The digital marketing pan degree will help you kick-start this exciting journey to becoming a professional digital marketer who has results. Whether you are a seasoned business owner who wants to take your business online or a beginner, this course is perfect for you to get started.

Why Choose a Career or Upskill in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is one of the most versatile and in-demand career fields today. Every business, regardless of size or industry, needs to have a well-rounded digital marketing strategy to reach and engage potential customers online. Due to the ever-changing landscape of digital media and technology, professionals with digital marketing skills are needed more than ever before. Here are four reasons why you should consider a career or upskill in digital marketing:

1. The demand for digital marketing professionals is high and growing.

2. Digital marketing is a versatile field that can be applied to any business or industry.

3. Digital marketing is constantly evolving, so professionals must be willing to learn and keep up with new trends and techniques.

4. A career in digital marketing can be very flexible and rewarding, with many opportunities for advancement.

What subjects does the digital marketing course cover?

Digital marketing (online marketing) has many subjects. To become a digital marketing master, a student must learn at least the following marketing techniques:

Executive Introduction to digital marketing

Failure may begin with not having a full understanding of the digital marketing concepts. The executive introduction to digital marketing gives students a very solid base to build their digital marketing careers. One key takeaway is how to keep the business goals in focus when engaging in any and every digital marketing effort. Topics covered in this introduction include the Digital Marketing Framework, Target Audience identification and principles of digital marketing.

Digital Transformation for Marketers

Business processes can hinder or support digital marketing efforts. Any business whose processes have not been digitally aligned will not take full advantage of online marketing. In this module, students will learn the importance and processes of doing digital transformation.

Social Media Marketing.

This has to do with practising marketing principles on popular social networks. There is Social Media Management, Advertising and social media marketing strategy The most popular social media platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and many more. Students will also learn how to run paid campaigns using Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, YouTube Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

Search Engines (SEO and SEM).

Google, Bing and Ask.com are example search engines. Marketers strive to be seen and generate value from potential customer search and Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click (Google Ads) can be used.

Websites optimization.

Websites are the core of all online marketing efforts. Expert digital marketers know that a bad website will not take the business anywhere digitally. You will learn how to create and manage effective business websites.

Marketing automation & email marketing

Marketing automation is the use of different communication technologies to communicate and respond usefully to client actions for maximised conversion and customer retention. Email marketing is the backbone of marketing automation. Developing an effective email marketing strategy is critical to success.

Digital marketing strategy.

Getting into action without a clear plan for success leads to frustration. Strategy and planning are critical in effective digital. The selection of the relevant online marketing channels is critical to success. You will learn how to craft an effective digital marketing strategy.

Content marketing.

A good digital marketing course should leave the student with a clear understanding of what and why content marketing is important. There are key elements like keyword research and content assessment which are also essential skills a student must learn. Content includes blog posts, videos, infographics and any other information that can be used for marketing effectively.

Web Analytics

Using Google analytics students will learn how to collect and analyse data about the interactions of internet users with their websites, mobile and web applications. Google Analytics and webs analytics in general, work as the campus directing the digital marketers where to go and what to do based on what will be happening on their website.

Digital Display Advertising

Using Ads networks, students will learn how to plan and execute digital display advertising campaigns. Display ads play a critical role in retargeting advertising.  Google Ads is also used in running effective display ads. Students will also learn how to create effective digital advertising assets.

Digital marketing disciplines covered in this course. What you will learn.

1. Executive Introduction to Digital Marketing

2. Digital Transformation

3. Website Optimization

4. Search Engine Optimisation

5. Content Marketing

6. Social Media Marketing

7. Marketing Automation and email marketing.

8. Customer Relationship Management

9. Digital Selling (Attracting, engaging and applying conversion optimization techniques)

10. Social Media Advertising (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter Ads)

11. Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads formerly Google AdWords)

12. Digital Marketing Analytics

13. Digital Strategy Development

14. Pan Degree Project

Why do you need this course?

  • Digital marketing is a practical subject. Employers need someone who can do what they learn. Theoretical knowledge limits professionals to thrive in a digital marketing career.
  • Specialising too early can become a mistake if it happens at the cost of understanding online marketing in general. A digital marketing professional has the full range of knowledge on how each digital marketing topic works. Becoming a topical expert comes from experience.
  • This course has practical modules. The modules give the student a chance to do everything from websites, digital marketing campaign planning, social media and strategy development.

This degree program was designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing. The curriculum covers essential skills required for a successful career in this field.

Who is this course for?

There are many reasons to take a digital marketing course. Perhaps you want to start your own business, marketing manager or work for a company that has a strong online presence. Maybe you’re already in marketing but want to learn how to use digital tools to reach your target market more effectively. Or you may just want to be able to keep up with the latest trends and changes in the industry.

Whatever your reasons, this course can provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in this field. You’ll learn how to create effective online marketing campaigns, use social media platforms to reach customers, and measure the success of your efforts. You’ll also learn about the latest tools and techniques, so you can stay ahead of the competition.


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Digital Marketing Course FAQs

What is the best digital marketing course?

This course from Afrodigital Pan University provides you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed in the practical application of digital marketing. This course is perfect for you if you are looking to start or develop your career in digital marketing and want to learn how to apply digital marketing theory in a practical way. The comprehensive course content, local plus international accreditation and practicality make the pan degree in practical digital marketing the best digital marketing course on the market.

Who is eligible for a digital marketing course?

 Anyone who is curious enough and has internet plus computer skills to follow through is illegible for this digital marketing course. Marketers, entrepreneurs and business leaders are encouraged to enrol in this course. This course is also a great step for anyone intending to a career shift into the online marketing space.

What is a digital marketing course?

A digital marketing course is a training program where the process of marketing products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the internet is taught and demonstrated. Online marketing is a practical subject, learners are encouraged not only to understand how it works in theory but in practice.

Is Digital Marketing a good career?

Digital marketing is one of the most in-demand and fast-growing careers today. Every business, whether big or small, needs someone to manage its online presence. Due to this increasing demand, digital marketing is a very versatile field that offers many different career paths.

If you’re interested in a career in digital marketing, you should first have a grounded understanding and skills of the whole subject before specialising. After having a broad and wide understanding you can choose what aspect of the field you’d like to specialize in. Do you want to be a social media manager? A search engine optimization specialist? A web developer?  With relevant digital marketing training, you can specialise in any subject of choice.

How long is a digital marketing course?

The Pan Degree in Practical Digital Marketing is a four-month course. Students who have more time on their hands can complete the course in a shorter period. The course has 13 modules, 207 Videos, 30 Quizzes, 13 Practical Assignments, 1 Project Assignment and 1 Online MCQ Exam. To finish the course within four months, students should allocate between 5 to 8 hours per week to study and do assignments in this course.

What subjects do you need to study in digital marketing?

 Studying digital marketing doesn’t require you to have any specific academic qualifications. However, an understanding of how marketing and business work will give you a great advantage in comprehending the concepts and principles of digital marketing.

Is digital marketing easy?

 Gaining the practical skills required in digital marketing is quite easy. The application of the knowledge in a real-world situation and achieving the results is the hard part. Many people struggle to formulate workable solutions using their digital skills and knowledge. That said, it’s critical to master strategy development to succeed in marketing.

Why is called Pan Degree?

Pan degrees are new qualifications offered by Afrodigita Pan University. They are practical courses in any subject, meant to give students practical work or business skills needed to succeed in their desired roles.

Can you train an entire marketing team at once?

Yes, we do offer an in-house digital marketing training program which can be tailored to your needs. A certificate of completion will be issued and discounts offered to the participants to enrol in the online courses.


Pandegree in Practical Digital Marketing

Pan Degree in Practical Digital Marketing is an online course created to equip marketers and business leaders with useful and relevant digital marketing skills. The course goes beyond introducing concepts to showing specific tools that can be used to solve everyday digital challenges. Its loved by participants.

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Course Provider Name: Afrodigital Pan University

Course Provider URL: https://afrodigital.org/

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