Pan Degree in Practical Digital Marketing Review by Former Students

Pan Degree in Practical Digital Marketing Review by Former Students

The Pan Degree in Practical Digital Marketing has been running since 2019 and we have people who have gone through the program who are willing to share their experience with the program.

“Afrodigital offers practical and relevant modules that are imperative for those starting in Digital Marketing and even for those who are already in this dynamic field. I highly recommend these engaging, well-structured and informative courses. 5 stars for providing solid online modules during this Covid-19 pandemic.”

Gamuchirai Maposah – Steward Bank Digital Marketing Manager

“I was one of the first people to take this course and I can honestly say it’s absolutely worth it! I have used everything I learnt from here in my career, and the added knowledge has been advantageous during job hunts. The course is highly practical and adapts digital marketing principles for the African context, which you won’t find easily with other similar offerings.”

Tapiwanashe Manhombo – Digital Storyteller

“It is amazing how you can learn so much from the comfort of your home. With very flexible timelines.

The content in this course, from the opening classes had me develop structured approaches to the digital marketing universe, leaving me *VERY* excited for the coming classes . ????

Enjoying every bit of it.”

Munashe Nicholas Gwenzi


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“I give them five stars. When I started this courses I thought digital marketing was social media and only to realise it involves a whole lot more. Thank you for the enlightenment and finding me a way to earn a living”

Zealous Mundava – Digital Marketing Consultant


This is the kind of a course that i would recommend everyone to enroll in the 21st century.

Everything in this course is just priceless and beneficial, whether you are an entrepreneur trying to obtain skills to penetrate the global market and target a larger audience or a student trying to learn digital skills and start earning online whilst studying.

Edwin Maribha – Software Engineer at Quatrohaus


Currently studying with Afrodigital doing a diploma in Digital Marketing have learnt some great and  awesome staff so far the  information is quite enligthening as well as exciting a lot of eye openers there digital marketing  has so much to do in the present and future  running of bussinesses, it is indeed a neccesity in the day today running of businesses.

Thanks to the members of stuff making it worth a while and sharing with me a great experience.???

Allan Tinashe Ngwenya – Business Manager at Jellicoe Auto Sales


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If you are not meeting up with new problems, new competitors and new adversaries you are not taking enough ACTION! Good for small business startups, I highly recommend, all my  businesses are going full-time 24/7 digital, almost done with the online coursework,

Godwin Maumbe – Entrepreneur

“What makes this course stand out is the exceptional incorporation of practical work. This is a great way to learn and perfect ones digital skills and knowledge. The course content is relevant to the African context. It not only provides practical knowledge about digital marketing in the African context but also adequately prepares one to have a global approach. Furthermore, this self paced course allows one to learn at their own time without the pressure to attend in-person classes.”

Rutendo Ndenga – Support Specialist at Designlab

Its a great African university to learn digital marketing with as it offers both in-class and virtual learning options.The honors is with you to choose the suitable learning method that suits you.In addition,the courses offers real practical and business related examples that you can apply in your workplace.They are professional,responsive and very helpful-they teach you upto to the point you feel satisfied.

Tendai Magodoro – Business Development Manager Lyno Finance


Being somebody already in traditional marketing, the course really ‘completed’ me and placed me well to perform both offline and online marketing duties. The course content was tailored to make us ‘think global but act local’ as they say. The economic environment in Zimbabwe has been so unpredictable to the extent that after we started our course fees were visibly no longer enough to justify the college continuing with us. When the college continued I noted they are one of the few institutions with integrity and will recommend them to anyone who seeks a faithful partner in the quest to learn digital marketing.

Tsungai Magaya – Netone Branch Retail and Customer Experience Manager


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Trust Nhokovedzo is one of the most authoritative and thoughtful digital marketing expert i have come across so far. The practical digital marketing course is filled with insights on how one can learn to see clearly and break through the clutter of noise within the digital landscape. My best take from the course is the spirit in which the service is offered, it is characterized by empathy and understanding that there is a person on the other end of the device and that we should be human and render our services in a way that improves the lives of those we seek to serve. I was blown away because he taught me to see in a way i had never seen before and its the thought process back of it that outweighs any tricks and tactics, i am glad to have enrolled in this course because it changed my life.

King Motie – Videographer

Everything about this course is convenient. Whether you’re a professional looking to up-skill or a student paving a career path. Trust was thoroughly helpful and made sure I had expert knowledge on all the critical modules. After completing the course, I began practising as a Digital marketer and he still offers support whenever I need it. Absolute recommend!

Elliestrator – Content Writer at Tradies Accountant

I enrolled for the digital marketing course at Afrodigital and l must say, it’s a decision l don’t regret to this day. There are a lot of digital things l didn’t understand before the course but now l tell a different story. I now understand what Google Ads and Google My Business are. I can now set up a campaign and list a business on Google and also manage it. After completing the course, l became more marketable on the job market and l landed a job as a digital marketer for a company in the hospitality industry. The individual feedback from the tutor and the practical experience l got during the course improved my skill set.

Pamella Rudo


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Trust Nhokovedzo is an international digital technology consultant and trainer. He is the founder of Afrodigital ( and a senior consultant at Calmlock Digital Marketing. Recently, he has been engaged by the Chinhoyi University of Technology to as a digital business consultant. He was engaged also by the Marketing Association of Zimbabwe as a Digital Marketing Trainer. Trust brings broad-based and valuable insights into digital business and digital strategy formulation gained from more than 11 years of extensive work experience advising clients and providing solutions.