Executive Introduction to Digital Marketing
Digital Transformation
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Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Marketing Automation
Customer Relationship Management
Digital Selling
Social Media Advertising
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Web Analytics
Digital Strategy Development
Pan-degree Project

Digital Marketing Definitions

Welcome! Please watch this video in full and read through the course materials before going forward. The information shared here shall be required in future activities (Tests and Quizzes).

Please take time to read through the resources listed below before moving forward.

  1. More definitions of Digital Marketing Terms. It is advised to bookmark this link for future references.
  2. Traditional Marketing Channels that still matter. Here is a list of traditional channels and how you can still use them to market your business.
  3. List of digital marketing channels. You do not need to use all the digital marketing channels in every campaign nor business. As a professional digital marketer, you need however to understand how each channel can be used effectively.